What high-end buyers want

by Evi Arthur

What high-end buyers want

If you’re looking to target luxury buyers, it’s key to make sure your listings are outfitted with the latest features. New trends emerge every year, and the start of the spring selling season is a great time to take stock of what will be in demand this year. Here are a few things that today’s high-end buyers are looking for.


As technology has become more and more advanced, incorporating it into the home has become almost a requirement. Features like voice command services along the lines of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, as well as smart security that can be controlled remotely, have become very popular in high-end homes. Stephanie Anton — the president of Luxury Portfolio International, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World’s luxury arm — said homeowners are looking for easy-to-use technology in the home. “They don’t want a panel full of buttons, but if there’s one button they can press to make it simple, that’s what they go for,” Anton said.


With an increased internet presence in most homes, privacy has become something that can feel unattainable, and increasingly, high-end homeowners are shelling out more money to try to secure it. “Privacy is something that has always been a privilege, but even more so today; people are willing to pay more for it,” said Anton. “We’ve seen a real return to the gated community.” This tendency toward increased privacy often shows up in tall gates, walls and hedges around the property, as well as enhanced security features.

Upscale kitchens

One trend resurfacing this year is a specific look for kitchens. Kimberly Wirtz, top producer in Will County and broker at Century 21, mentioned that many buyers have been looking for oversized white kitchen cabinets with crown molding, white quartz countertops, dark hardwood flooring and stainless steel appliances. She also mentioned buyers wanting white trim and doors in many cases. “White kitchens are kind of timeless; they have that more classic elegance and keep everything lighter and brighter,” Wirtz said.

Clean design

Among luxury-branded residential towers, there has been an increased demand from consumers for brand-name design. More and more luxury homebuyers want to associate their residences with well-known names like Armani and Porsche. “If a space is created by a designer or staged really well, they’ll have an emotional response, because design is worth paying more for,” Anton said. “There’s a move away from the ornate and more towards the contemporary … simplicity on the eye and cleanliness in the space.”

Wellness amenities

Finding ways luxury homes can help residents fulfill wellness goals has become a standard objective in recent years, with many builders outfitting their high-end developments with fitness centers, yoga studios and spas. On the unit level, Wirtz has seen strong demand for walk-in, spa-type showers in bathrooms as well as in-home gyms and fitness rooms. Anton described this as “goodness-based living” and said that the trend often extends beyond physical fitness into mental and emotional wellness with meditation rooms. “It’s a way to give back to themselves and get away,” she said.

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