Bridging the knowledge gap

by Blake Boldt

Blake Boldt

What does it take these days to get a mortgage? As the managing editor of Chicago Agent magazine, I have the opportunity to meet people from all across the area, and, after sharing what I do for a living, the conversation usually turns to their homebuying experience. I’m always fascinated by how each one is different, but the general consensus is that the beginning stages of obtaining a home loan can be incredibly intimidating.

In our cover story, we bring together a forum of some of the leading mortgage lenders in Chicagoland who offer their personal experiences on how the industry has changed and what they do to help people feel more at ease with this life-changing step. Their knowledge and persistence allows them to overcome some of the key challenges of this complex field. We also share our interview with David Piatek, president of the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals, an organization dedicated to providing VA loan awareness and financial education so that the active-military and veteran communities can have the opportunity to pursue home ownership. And we tell you everything you need to know about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae appraisal-free purchase mortgages, which allow some people who are buying homes or refinancing existing mortgages to seek alternatives to a traditional appraisal.

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