Agent X: Put the ‘fran’ in franchise

by Agent X


So this is a fun issue, isn’t it, guys? I love it when my CA pals come up with something new to talk about, and buying franchises is something I know a lot about. First, there was that Forever Yogurt venture, and then I went ahead and became the proud owner of a Potbelly in Romeoville. Oh wait, I’m probably supposed to be focusing on real estate franchises, eh? Gotta be honest, I’ve never bought into one of those, so as usual, best to check with the cover story on that one. When it comes to real estate I’m more of a lone wolf, but I can see the appeal of buying into a big name. Maybe it’s something I should be considering.

I’m pretty light on gossip, maybe because the market is as hot as the weather. If that’s the case, what are you doing sitting around reading my column? Get out there and sell, sell, sell. Or buy, buy, buy (yes, I stole that line from NSYNC).

Judy Gibbons is buying a lake house in Michigan with her hubby. You start with a lake house, and then you end up buying an island. Trust me, Jude, I know what I’m talking about.

Kevin Binkley has been posting lots of poolside pics as of late. And he’s not even taking a real vacation, he’s just soaking up the summertime rays. Hope he’s wearing sunblock.

Greg Pekarsky is serving up major anniversary envy. He and his wife met at Ribfest, so now they go back every year to celebrate. Nothing says romance like shoving a giant plate of messy ribs in your face while wearing a bib.

Adam McLain is apparently unwilling to abandon his headbanging ways, as he was spotted at the Metallica concert at Soldier Field. I’m sure he wasn’t the only agent there, but he’s the only one getting called out.

Events! I’m starting to wonder if my event invites are getting purposely lost in the mail or something, because I only have one event to tell you about. Listen, I apologized for my behavior at the GR BBQ, what more can I do to get back into the invite game?

On June 20, I popped over to MREDpalooza, where I barely recognized leaders Jeff Lasky and Rebecca Jansen in their hippie getups. Maybe they just wanted to hide from a crowd of agents. Another interesting tidbit was that someone hired Elvis and Marilyn impersonators to walk around. I mean, I assume they were impersonators, but you never know.

Summer birthdays! Rich Rogala may enjoy fireworks on his July 3 b-day, while Frank Montro and Theresa Anderson share their birthday with America on July 4. Sherri Southall and Tracy Flanagan will try to stay cool on their July 7 b-days, as will Heather Gustafson on July 8. Linda Woody-Kolling and Kenny Dooley share a sangria-slurping July 11 b-day, and if you can believe it, Janet Belief follows with her b-day on July 12. Lucky number 13 goes to Ilyce Glink and Jim LaHa, while Debora McKay may well be just as lucky on July 14. Then raise your glass to Matt Farrell and Grace Sergio on July 15.

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