How one agent gets the most out of a coaching megabrand

by Carlo Calma

The phrase “real estate coach” probably calls a few industry giants to mind: Tom Ferry, Mike Ferry, Brian Buffini, Barbara Corcoran.

What can real estate agents expect from a coaching program with a high-profile brand? We asked Sandra Anchor, a broker with Century 21, who signed up for a self-guided coaching program with Tom Ferry.


How the Program Works
Anchor heard about Ferry’s blog through word of mouth. After signing up to receive his free daily e-mails, she purchased his self-guided program.

Upon signing up for Ferry’s BreakThrough by Design, new customers receive the entire program on 10 audio CDs, as well as resources like workbooks, journals and training manuals. According to Anchor, agents also receive access to a member portal on Ferry’s website, where they can view online training videos, called “Self-paced eLearning.”

Agents and Realtors can sign up for other Tom Ferry coaching services, which are available in different tiers: Team+, Elite+ and Core+. Membership allows access to Ferry’s BreakThrough by Design program, as well as other resources, like a private members-only Facebook group, group training calls and individual, one-on-one coaching with a Tom Ferry coach.

The topics of the lessons themselves, according to Anchor, range from how to target for-sale-by-owner properties to how to stay organized, and feature motivational vignettes titled “Hours of Power.”


The Pacing
The self-guided structure of Ferry’s BreakThrough by Design is one that Anchor enjoys. “We Realtors work in the car 99 percent of the time,” she says. “When you’re in the car, you’re not sitting there taking notes, so it’s nice that you can refer back to [the audio recordings].” She also likes that the program fully immerses its students in a certain topic, but not so exhaustively that it pushes agents to a point “where you lose interest or feel [there’s no value].”


Shopping Around
Anchor says that agents shopping around for a coaching program should take full advantage of resources – like daily and weekly newsletters and blogs – that programs may offer for free.

“What I like about [Ferry’s free e-mail newsletter] is that you start to get to know Tom virtually … and see if his personality matches to yours,” says Anchor. “Coaching is expensive … You want to be able to feel comfortable with that individual; you will listen to that person more if you feel that you’re comfortable with them and they speak on the level that you can relate to.”

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