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Here we are back at the mortgage issue. Plenty of my readers get really excited and geek out over numbers stuff, and all that jazz about Fannie and Freddie privatizing. But, I think I’ve made it clear throughout the years that numbers just aren’t my bag. I’m an agent of the people. I like to get out there and network and meet clients. I do realize, though, that mortgage stuff is a vital part of this business, which is why I surround myself with the best of the best.

Speaking of the best, here’s the gossip, which I know is what everyone really reads this magazine for:

Walter Krajewski is coming up on his one-year anniversary with Wintrust Mortgage. One year is paper, so perhaps Wintrust will give him a whole bunch of green paper with presidents on it to celebrate.
The Sarah Leonard team all got matching scarves in their SLT stockings. They recently posted a pic showing off their new holiday haul – so now you’ll easily be able to identify a team member out in the wild.

The latest update in the Sean Conlon tracker has him spotted in Malibu on Jan. 4. I’m sure that was really nice, but as I always say…nothing compares to owning an island. Don’t worry, Sean – keep at it and you’ll get there one day.

Tommy Choi is also making folks jealous with his wintery vacation pics. I can get plenty of winter in Chicago, so I’m a bigger fan of the sunny beach pics that others have shared. But I guess snowy mountains are pretty, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Construction appears to be in full swing for Vista Tower, the Lakeshore East project that is slated to be the third largest building in the city. They’ve already installed rebar cages, concrete foundations, and tower crane installations. Maybe we should bring some hot chocolate to all those folks doing construction out in the cold? By “we” I mean “you,” because I’m still in the middle of my tropical hibernation.

On Jan. 5, the West Suburban chapter of WCR hosted a Get Connected and Dominate event at BRIO Tuscan Grille in Lombard. Folks gathered for some apps and wine while visiting vendor booths in a “fun and relaxed environment” (the best kind!). Also, they made it super easy for agents to renew their membership, so if you weren’t there and you haven’t done that, do it soon. Full disclosure: I didn’t go to that event, because as I may have already mentioned once or twice, I’m on a secluded island enjoying cocktails and beautiful sunsets.

I’ve got tons of January birthdays, so we have lots of winter babies out there. Monique Washington and Kevin Van Eck both celebrate birthdays on Jan. 20, along with CA’s amazing Kim Jarosz and awesome Marie Schutt. Moving on, Michael Golden should celebrate with Goldschlager on Jan. 21, while Mike Opyd and Brian Kwilosz can get in on the action on Jan. 24. Anthony Marinaccio, Jon Millikin, and Kevin Thornton all get older on Jan. 26, while Tracy Braun and Janie Coffey will be more mature on Jan. 27. Joe Marrone will party on Jan. 28, Sheena Baker the next day, and Wayne Paprocki and Margie Smigel can toast their shared birthday on Jan. 30.

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