Agents on lending: what they really think

by Chicago Agent

We invited local agents to answer a few questions and give us their perspective on the financing process. Here’s what they said:


“Being asked to continually update info they have already provided.”

“The various loans at their disposal based upon their qualifying ratios.”

“My clients struggle with being told one thing by their  lender and then the lender coming up with issues that  should have been headed off earlier in the process. Then there is unnecessary drama.”


“Keeping the lenders on top of each transaction.”


“Lenders who issue pre-approval to buyers who are not truly able to purchase.”

“The lender giving unrealistic deadlines…such as saying we should have a clear to close in three days and then  seven days later we are still waiting. This is AFTER all documents are in to underwriting.”



“Keeps me in the loop.”

“Being able to close in 10 days.”

“All of the above. I quit using a lender who never called the clients or me. I like referrals, especially when I send a lot of business to them. But we’re all out of business if they can’t close the loan with as little hassle as possible.”

“I look for a combination of qualities. One, friendly and  easy to work with, not just with myself but with the client.  Two, knowledgeable in homebuyer programs. Three, does a good job of keeping clients and Realtors updated on the progress of the loan, and four, is able to get the loan  closed efficiently.”

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