Making the sale in real estate

by Deanna Kane


Some real estate agents may prefer to see themselves as educators or “matchmakers” instead of salespeople – after all, the term conjures up images of used-car salesmen and door-to-door vacuum peddlers – but when all is said and done, sales skills and business acumen are the building blocks of real estate success. Potential clients want to know that an agent can find them the perfect new home or sell their property. Developers need to see that agents have a track record of sales success.

Selling involves much more than simply convincing someone, one way or another, to buy something. Selling certainly involves influence and persuasion, but it’s not about manipulation. Successful agents use techniques to help clients cross emotional bridges, providing those clients with a better experience by building trust and providing them with the comfort that their decision is supported. Most importantly, real estate agents connect consumers with the home they want.

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