We’re all rookies once

by Marie Schutt


Marie Schutt is the managing editor of Chicago Agent

It’s tough to be the new kid, and it’s even tougher if you aren’t really a “kid” anymore – making a mid-career switch, as most Realtors have, can be a tricky change to navigate. According to NAR’s 2016 Member Profile, 16 percent of Realtors had a previous career in management, business or the financial sector (only 4 percent said they’d had no career before real estate).

Our cover story examines what it means to be a rookie real estate agent and thrive in today’s market. What resources are available for new agents to learn their markets and train themselves? Who should they reach out to for guidance, and when? Alongside the cover story, you will find the results of a short survey we sent out to ask new agents about their previous careers, common rookie mistakes and more.

Do you remember what it was like being a new agent? We want to hear from you. Send comments, questions and concerns to marie@agentpublishing.com.

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