It Only Gets Better From Here

by Marie Schutt


Marie Schutt is the managing editor of Chicago Agent

Real estate is a field where one’s career gets better with time. The more people you meet, the more deals you close, and the more unique client situations you’re exposed to, the more seasoned you become. Reputations aren’t built overnight; referral networks take time to grow and yield business. But when the time comes to step away after a good run – even if not for a full “retirement” – what happens to all the value that a successful agent has built over all those years?

That’s the question we tackled in this issue. Our cover story discusses strategies for succession: the business models and team structures that have allowed local agents to hand over the reins and watch their real estate brand live on. We also picked the brains of the experienced agents who came together for CAR’s “Varsity” group reunion in 2015, took a look at the market conditions today’s retirees encountered and compared them to those faced by today’s rookies, and much more.

How do you think real estate agents can build an enduring legacy? We’d love to hear from you. Send your comments and questions to marie@agentpublishing.com.

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