New Year, Same X

by Agent X


Happy New Year everyone! I took some time off from sunning myself on my yacht to check in on all the gossip that happened while you were sipping egg nog and popping champagne. I hear it’s getting colder out there in Chicago. What’s that mean for the market? Read the cover story! I’m just here for the gossip. I’ve got a lot of little tidbits to share, so try to keep up.

I admire Sean Conlon and his jetsetting ways. He’s gone from LA to Dublin to London to Malibu this holiday season, and no news on where he is going next. Please consider this an open invitation to my Caribbean island, Mr. Conlon! You’re the kind of guy I could party with. Speaking of warmer places, Nick Libert was spotted in West Hollywood dining at SUR. Word is he was unable to score a meal with Bravo star Lisa Vanderpump herself, but I hope he at least ordered a drink from Jax?

If you’re not watching “Making a Murderer,” then you can’t sit with the cool kids. That’s what it comes down to. I get Netflix on the island, so I’m up to speed. For the record – I totally think he did it.

Movember is long over, but Tim Brigham hasn’t gotten the memo. If that beard gets any longer we won’t be able to see his face at all. He’s getting into Steven Avery territory (see what I did with the callback there? “Making a Murderer.” Time to watch it, people).

Tommy Choi understands the importance of a good pair of shoes. This holiday season he bought his entire sales team Christian Louboutins, and Air Maxes for his whole family. You should see the tiny pair he got for the mini member of the fam: cute overload.

Looks like Steph LoVerde of  Baird & Warner knows how to party right. She posted a selfie of herself and John Poast shopping at Mariano’s while drinking red wine on NYE. Who needs a party when you can drink wine in the produce section?

Lots of moving and shaking happened this holiday season. It seems folks like to start the new year off in new digs. Craig Achtzehn (gesundheit) is now VP of Origination at 1st Advantage Mortgage. Vince Milito has always dreamed of wearing a golden jacket, so it made sense for him to scoot on over to Century 21 Elm Realtors in Park Ridge. Joe Zimmerman and Mary Haight are trying to get re-crowned as Industry MVPs, and the first step was joining Keller Williams to head up their brand new Chicago market center.

We were out for a while, so I’m a bit behind on my birthday report. Leslie Struthers most likely rocked an amazing outfit on NYE, and I’m hoping she also did so on her Jan. 2 birthday. Kelly Price turned another year wiser on Jan. 5, the day after Matt Dollinger’s Jan. 4 celebration. Marc Churchill is lucky every year to have a birthday on the 7th, while Gary Ouellette and all of his vowels will celebrate on Jan. 12, right along with JD Cortese and Jennifer Peterson. Looks like Kevin Rocio will have the tough decision of chocolate vs. vanilla cake on Jan. 13, and Vince Milito will add some gold flakes to his dessert to match his new C21 jacket on Jan. 14, a birthday he shares with Alex Zupancic. No word on whether or not George Schultz will even eat cake on Jan. 15, while Donna Griffin will celebrate on Jan. 16.

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