Agent X: My Prediction – Chicago will Still be Here in 2016

by Agent X


Here we are: the last issue of 2015. Where has the time gone? I hope all of you had a successful year, because I sure did. After I finish this column, I’m hopping on a private jet to the Caribbean for a couple of months. Nothing happens in the real estate world in December anyway, and if it does, that’s what my team is for. Don’t worry, I’ll bring them all gifts from the beach.

So what’s my big prediction? People are going to buy and sell real estate in 2016. Some people accuse me of having ESP, and now you can see why. Check back in with me in a year, you’ll see that I’m totally right.

OK, so I actually stayed in town to celebrate real estate royals Matt and Rebecca’s big shindig on the fifth.  Yes, it was a really fun wedding, and yes they were beautiful and yes it was elegant and yes black tie is always best. I had a two-day hangover, but it was great to see old friends. Felt like old times.

Congrats to Related’s Melissa Cohn and new fiancee Scott Samlan on their recent engagement! And congrats to Ivona Kutermankiewicz, who just got married in Mexico. I hope she keeps her own name, because there is nothing more fun than having my editors figure out if I spelled it correctly. I felt the exact same way when Barbara Matthopoulos got married. Though a quick search of the interwebs informed me that Babs changed her last name to Vassiliadis, which is almost as fun to spell.

Coldwell Banker held a drive to provide pjs, a book, some socks and a special treat for all 428 students of the Joseph Lovett Elementary School on the West Side. I even donated a pair of silk pajamas, and a copy of my book that will be coming out sometime in the near future. Be on the lookout for “The X Factor: Agent X’s Guide to Real Estate.”

Pantone’s colors of the year for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity! Take note that blue and pink are the hot new colors, and it looks like it’s OK for them to make an appearance outside the nursery. Extra points if you toss them on a wall together.

The Mainstreet Organization of Realtors’ Young Professional Network hosted its 2nd annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Party on Dec. 2. Folks spotted wearing ugly sweaters included Brian Kwilosz, Ron Brow, Casey Van Iten, Connie Batchelor and more. The ugly sweater wearers gobbled down 100 mini fruitcakes, which means some of the 84 attendees had more than one (you know who you are).

On the same night, the Chicago Real Estate Council held its annual holiday party at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Andrea Miller and Patti Gountanis were lucky enough to nab a photo with Mike Sullivan himself. Hold on to it for a bit, ladies, and then sell it for the big bucks, or at least use it to get free steak.

Winter birthdays! Since I’ve got to cover all of December, buckle up for a long list, folks. Mike Jones (no relation to the rapper I assume) celebrated on Dec. 6, while Kelly Maguire and Barbara O’Connor shared their Dec. 8 birthday with Andy Shiparski. Let’s jump forward to Dec. 16 and give a shoutout to Michael Bauknecht and Mike Sato the next day, Dec. 17. Kathleen Malone follows close behind on Dec. 19. Jeff Metz will celebrate turning another year older on Dec. 27, and three ladies on my list narrowly missed a New Year’s Eve b-day by being born on Dec. 29. JoAnn Sworan, Lisa Eppling and Jennifer Evans – start your drinking early. That’s all I’ve got. Merry Xmas, Happy Chanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year and happy whatever other holiday I missed, dear readers!

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