What It Really Takes to Build a Real Estate Dream Team

by Marie Schutt


Marie Schutt is the managing editor of Chicago Agent

There are plenty of misconceptions about real estate as a career, many of which could present obstacles to potential new agents looking to get into the game or seasoned brokers seeking fresh talent for their teams.

For example, the specter of the “aging Realtor”: while it’s true that the median age of Realtors has risen, it has only increased by one year between 2011 and 2015; that number is only one of many data points that comprise a complex and evolving real estate agent profile.

Many agents new to the industry come in with certain expectations regarding income and work-life balance that are quickly vanquished by the realities of selling real estate for a living. New agents must learn how to realistically evaluate an opportunity and acquire the wide range of skills needed to succeed in real estate. Seasoned agents growing their teams must keep an open mind and know how to evaluate a candidate’s fit.

For our cover story, we spoke with a handful of agents working in high-performing real estate teams and partnerships, as well as newer agents, to learn what it really takes to find, develop and retain top talent in this industry. We took a closer look at what younger agents want in a brokerage, how to train and develop agents with less experience and the strategies that work for sustainable success as a team.

How do teams attract top talent? Click here to find out.

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