Recruiting for Teams

by Deanna Kane

carrie-renee-chicago-agent-recruiting-issueMany highly effective agents will find themselves at a crossroads at some point in their career. As client bases grow over time and referrals multiply, even the most talented agent will realize that there’s a limit to the number of clients they can handle on their own and still maintain the level of service they’re known for. While the answer for many will be found in the resources and support staff supplied by a brokerage, for others the solution will be the creation (or expansion) of their own real estate team.

The decision to build a team may include partnering with another agent, bringing in new agents to expand an agent’s personal brand, or simply adding administrative support. Transitioning from running the show as a solo agent to building a team can be a difficult step to take, especially for agents who have enjoyed a certain level of success and may be wary of changing their strategy. We examined some of Chicagoland’s most highly regarded teams to see how they chose recruits and built successful, lasting partnerships.

Real estate teams and partnerships often have very personal origins. Carrie Morris and Renee Hughes, the Realtors who comprise the Carrie and Renee Team with Baird & Warner in Glen Ellyn, met through Hughes’ sister 15 years ago. They were both new to real estate at the time. “We were introduced because we were going to be marketing and selling in the same neighborhood,” says Morris. Soon after meeting, they realized that their skill sets would complement one another and they’d be stronger as a partnership than as individual agents. They share the workload and find they are able to better serve their clients.

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