5 Types of Listing Photographs That Attract the Most Homebuyers

by Chicago Agent


Stunning and professional listing photographs that attract the right homebuyers is not just about photo quality, but also about the type of photographs you choose to use.

Choosing the right type of listing photographs can be tricky. There are so many factors to consider: demographics, buyer personality, home location, and more. The good news is there are five types of listing photographs that consistently appeal to all homebuyers.

Here are the five types of listing photographs that matter, plus professional tips on how to stage each room:

1. Kitchen
According to a 2013 Home Feature Preferences study, new kitchen appliances and eat-in kitchens were considered two of the most important features to buyers.

Kitchens have eight types of features buyers constantly look for while searching through listings. That’s why kitchen shots are so important to include in any listing. The top eight kitchen features that appeal to homebuyers include:

• New kitchen appliances
• Eat-in kitchen
• Hardwood floors
• Granite countertops
• Kitchen island
• Stainless steel appliances

Recent or updated innovations, such as new cabinetry or a custom backsplash, should always be included in your photographs. Also, be sure to clear all unnecessary clutter or bulky appliances off the counters.

2. Exterior
Don’t forget about curb appeal! If your listing obtains only interior shots and none of the exterior, buyers will wonder, “What’s wrong with the façade?”

Location and a good visual of the neighborhood are essential, and that’s why exterior photographs must be shot well. Exterior shots help buyers understand how close or far they are from their neighbors and even the size and condition of the yard.
A great tip is to always remember to reflect the current season in the exterior photographs. A snow-covered front yard won’t be appealing when you’re listing in July.

3. Master Bedroom
Buyers want to visualize how they can make the most of the master bedroom space. A key is to capture the master bedroom’s dimensions in the photographs. To do this, shots should be taken from the corner of the room to show the size. Another tip is to always highlight dramatic features like large windows, built-ins, and other unique and appealing details.

4. Master Bathroom
When staging the master bathroom, think of it as a relaxing luxury spa. No matter what the listing price is or the size of the space, a clean, spotless free master bathroom is the most attractive. Take some extra time to ensure the bathroom is free of clutter and shines like it’s being shot at the Ritz-Carlton. You can even add fresh, folded towels on the racks or on the counter as décor to give the bathroom space a “5-star hotel” look.

5. Living Room
Taking extra care of staging a living room is one of the most important things you can do during a photo shoot. Like always, clearing clutter is an essential (no buyer wants a living room that seems too small or cramped). You don’t want to turn prospective buyers away by making them think their sofa isn’t going to fit in the space—when it actually can! Remove all excess or bulky furniture, and the living room will instantly appear larger and more open.

Now that you know what type of listing photographs you should always focus on, don’t forget to always turn to professional real estate photography to make every room of your listing spectacular.

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