The Art of Saving the Deal

by John Thomas


John D. Thomas, Chicago Agent’s editor in chief

Making a sale is one thing. Saving a sale is an entirely different proposition.  In this week’s cover package, we examine the tricky dynamic of how agents can take a sale that’s about to go south and steer it back in the right direction. 

We spoke with a number of experts to give you some great insight on how to handle these delicate situations and keep your deal on the table. Our coverage focuses on the impact that inspections, appraisals and buyer’s remorse can have on your potential sale, and we interview a veteran real estate negotiator on the importance of compromise at closing time (you may be surprised how far a little tact and composure can get you in these kinds of extremely tense situations).

On the lending side, an industry insider explains three key reasons why loans fail to reach completion, and what you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen. In addition, we dig into the reasons why a multi-channel marketing plan is so extremely crucial in today’s marketplace (in the digital age, your clients are watching what you’re doing for them). You will also find important information on how the new affordable housing requirements might impact development in Chicago, and we cover the new court ruling that affirmed real estate agents are independent contractors, and explain what the legal decision could mean for you and your business.

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