Cris Grayson’s 3 Tips to Real Estate Success

by Chicago Agent


Does the name ring a bell? If you live in the west Chicagoland area, you may have seen Cris Grayson’s name printed in local publications.

With her relentless approach to maximizing a listing’s exposure, Cris is a west suburban real estate pro that’s becoming “the best in the west.” She’s an agent who has her priorities in order, making her tremendously efficient in marketing multiple listings at once.

We sat down with Cris to learn her secrets to real estate success.

Tip #1: Make photography your first priority.

“The very first thing I do is call my VHT Studios™ photographer,” states Cris Grayson.

Before a listing can go live, professional real estate photography is needed to populate marketing materials. Photographs are invaluable to the listing process; it’s what attracts a prospective buyer to a new property.

Immediately upon receiving the professional real estate photos, Cris prepares the new listing’s marketing materials and pushes it out to multiple property listing platforms. To maximize listing exposure, both speed and quality is key. It’s necessary to have all listing materials in order right away, and photography is the number one marketing task to complete.

Cris noted MLS.com, the largest real estate portal site, as a go-to marketing tool. If a listing is uploaded on MLS without great photography, it’s guaranteed to go unseen. The same goes for all listings published through any online real estate portals.

Tip #2: Have a process.

After the shoot, Cris Grayson receives her photographs from VHT Studios within 2 business days. This gives her confidence that everything she needs to accomplish will be completed in a timely manner.

After receiving her photographs, it’s smooth sailing. Cris follows a strict process that helps her stay productive while efficiently juggling 20+ listings at once. Although her process is working well, she’s always up for a new challenge, and keeps her approach up-to-date by continually testing out new marketing tactics.

Tip #3: Leverage local publications.

“Most people don’t realize that prospective buyers search through local publications, online and in print,” declares Cris.

When buyers have a neighborhood in mind, they tend to pick up a few local publications. Cris has seen significant buyer traffic leads by leveraging front-page banner ads on a variety of local online publications.

It’s been one of the best marketing tactics she’s tried: “When I ask potential buyers where they’ve seen my listing, most likely they’ll mention one of my banner ads.”

Even if it’s not a banner ad, Cris recommends always looking for new opportunities to expand a listing’s reach. Once you have a selling process down, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Otherwise, you’ll never know what new real estate marketing tactic can help you save time and sell homes faster.

Want to become a top real estate pro like Cris Grayson? Call VHT Studios’ at 1-800-790-8687 or visit VHTstudios.com to book a photography shoot today!

Cris Grayson is a Baird & Warner agent with an extensive knowledge of the western suburbs of Chicago. She can be reached at 630-745-0300.


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