Best Practices of Highly Successful Listers

by Chicago Agent

Preparedness is the measure of a great agent, and nowhere is that measure more pronounced than during a listing presentation, where agents are essentially applying for the opportunity to represent a seller. Most real estate professionals understand the basics of a proper presentation – market expertise, comps, demonstrating how tech savvy they are by doing their presentation on a tablet – but if the basics are all you have, then you’re straddling the baseline and settling for the minimum.

For agents shooting for the top 20 percent – the driven ones who want to lead the pack and put together a presentation that resonates with a sense of refined expertise – read our high-level tips from some pros in the know and elevate the way you do business.

And for their tips and comments, a special thanks to our listing experts, who, combined, touted a whopping 534 listings in 2014:

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