MB of the Year

by Agent X


I’m not sure if I’ve shared this with you before, my dear readers, but I actually spent a good amount of time as a managing broker. Even if you’ve already heard that story, you’ll have to hear it again, because this is my column and I do what I want.

There was a decade of my life, in the early years, when I ran a pretty large brokerage. Naturally I was amazing at the job, and had CA been around at the time, I’m sure I would’ve been voted managing broker of the year over and over again in Agents’ Choice. Eventually, I decided to throw in the towel and hand my crown and scepter over to someone who wanted to do all those annoying things like “train agents,” “mentor” and “answer the phone if someone needs help.”

But enough about me, for the time being, and on to the stuff that you came for: gossip. The “will he or won’t he” of the year is over, and he won’t. TK’s chances of being on “Million Dollar Matchmaker” went down the toilet when he violated his contract by appearing on a few pilot episodes of “Million Dollar Listing Chicago.”

CA had a video shoot recently where they asked top-shelf managing brokers some deep and dirty questions. You’re not going to believe what George Schultz thinks about Zillow! This is a thinly veiled ploy to get you to watch the video, so I’m not actually allowed to TELL you what he said, but trust me, it’s juicy. So watch.

David Wolf of Related Realty found himself on the Chicago Sun-Times SPLASH page again. I suspect he knows someone on the inside, but no one is complaining about seeing those baby blues on their computer screen. Go ahead and keep those DWolf profiles coming, Sun-Times!

Parties! Greg Nagel invited about three trillion people to his housewarming party. I actually got multiple invites, and that’s why I decided to skip. Agent X only goes to exclusive events, or sometimes events where I’m paid to make an appearance. 

The Wintrust Mortgage President’s Circle trip is always a top-shelf event, and this year the top producers headed to Grand Velas, Mexico. Even though it’s for mortgage folks, there was one year when I tagged along and showed the gang how to really live it up and party. Unfortunately, I wasn’t asked to return. That just shows you how much fun we had.

The weather is sort of warming up, so that means soon there will be about 10 races every weekend throughout the city blocking traffic. Some real estate folks started the season off right with the Shamrock Shuffle on March 14. Nice work Team Hope, made up of the following “athletes”: Joanem Feliz, Kelly Price and Deena Zimmerman Hanratty, who celebrated her birthday the whole weekend, and then all week. Speaking of birthdays… 

The Baird & Warner brokerage turned a strapping 160, which makes it the oldest residential brokerage in the country. Kim Hay Keefe, Todd Warshauer and Cari Zweig-Driscoll all celebrated their special day on April 2 (though they are much younger than 160). Anne Ewasko will cheers to another year on April 8. Wish Lauren Mitrick a very happy birthday on April 12, and congratulations on her recent engagement. And Dennis Shaffer will celebrate his big day in style a two days later on April 14.

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  • Greg Nagel says:

    You missed a good time Agent X at my housewarming party. Round 2 will be for Do Division :-).

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