The Short List: Cornelius Camp’s Ways to Provide Stellar Customer Service

by Chicago Agent


Cornelius Camp is the founder of CorneliusCamp.com and an independent real estate agent.

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Cornelius Camp, the founder of CorneliusCamp.com and an independent real estate agent, for his ways to provide stellar customer service.

10. One and Only – You always want your client to feel special, to feel like they are your one and only client. Whether buying or selling, make the experience for your client as special as you can.

9. Be Three Steps Ahead of Your Client – Anticipation of the needs of your client will eliminate a lot of stress. Having all your ducks in a row reassures your client that you know what you are doing, and you will get the job done.

8. Show Empathy – Being able to connect and form rapport with your client is critical in the world of real estate/customer service. Showing empathy lets the client know that you understand their feelings, and they feel important. In my opinion, empathy makes having stellar customer service easy.

7. Return Phone Calls and Emails Promptly – Again, clients like to feel important. To know that you are there for them, whenever they need to call or email, makes them feel like they are first priority.

6. Sometimes, Small Things Mean More than Big Things – Little things can go a long way, especially during a stressful process like buying/selling real estate. Little things help clients understand why they need you and why they hired you in the first place.

5. Be a Good Listener – Take time to identify client’s needs by listening to them. Pay attention to the words they use, tone of voice, body language and how they feel. This also will help you in showing empathy and being three steps ahead of your client’s needs.

4. Give 110 Percent – Don’t ever forget, you work for the client. Therefore, they expect you to give 100 percent in your efforts. Exceed their expectations by giving 110 percent, and going above and beyond. Work ethic can help you elevate yourself above the rest of the competition.

3. Look For Feedback, and Often – If you never know how good/bad of a job you are doing, how are you ever going to improve? Always look for feedback, both positive and negative. Feedback also allows you to learn how your clients think and what they expect.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Apologize – Face it, we are all going to make a mistake at some point. When this happens, the best way to ease any tension between you and your client is to own up to it and apologize for it; then, you will be able to move past it.

1. “Yes” Can Be a Powerful Word – First priority should be to help your clients’ needs. If they have a reasonable request, be excited to say, “Yes, I will do it.” Figure out how, later. I promise, if you can’t do it, another agent can.

Cornelius Camp is the founder of CorneliusCamp.com and an independent real estate agent.

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  • Ivette says:

    Hi Cornelius,

    Thank you for such a terrific post for providing stellar customer service! I love point # 7 return calls promptly. I dislike when people don’t get back to me when they have to. Great tips!

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