My Clients Worship Me

by Agent X


know my clients love me, because they tell me on a regular basis. They invite me to their weddings, birthday parties, divorce parties and whatever else they want to celebrate, and you know I do love a good celebration. But before we can party we need to discuss the tittle tattle of the day.

Steve Stapleton recently joined Homebridge, which he will help introduce into the Chicagoland area. They’re new around these parts, so don’t feel bad if you’re not familiar with the name. In other lending news, Ryan Mecum and James Colucci are now with Guaranteed Rate.

Jonathan Toews is working with Jenny Ames, who was able to sell his Lakeshore East condo for $2.3 million in five days. Word is he’s looking around Lincoln Park for his next home. Maybe he’d like to be neighbors with Joakim Noah so they can borrow sugar from each other and get together for late night gab sessions.

Related Midwest has nabbed the land where the Spire will never be built. My suggestion is to build a giant pool with a huge dome cover so the city can enjoy a swim year-round! Perhaps it could have some sun lamps so that we could all stay nice and tan and avoid the pasty skin I keep seeing everywhere. Speaking of nabbing, Coldwell Banker Previews nabbed what is the highest priced listing in the U.S. – a $195 million Beverly Hills estate. Remember that $95 million penthouse? This property, Palazzo di Amore (translation: a literal palace), has it beat in price and amenities.

Nick Libert was on “House Hunters”! He hosted a viewing party on Nov. 10 at Meat for those who don’t have cable, and provided open bar and snacks. Tommy Choi is also going to be on the show later this year, and I swear I’ve seen Greg Nagel on at least two episodes. Of course I’ve been on the show, but it was one of the International episodes because I work all around the world. Hint: it was either Australia, England or Mexico. We know it wasn’t Paris, because Adrian Leeds has that market cornered.

I attended the Lincoln Park Builders Forum, and thoroughly enjoyed the appetizers that were circulating before the panel, because that meant I could sneak out early with a full stomach. I did get to see Jim Jan sporting a bushy moustache that may be for Movember, or may just be his new face friend. As soon as the AMLI panelist went on a tangent about Millennials doing dope in their parents’ basements, I knew it was my cue to head to the next event.

NAR hosted its annual Realtors Conference and Expo in New Orleans this year, which was perfect because I am always the one who goes home with the most beads. If anyone would like to try to beat me next time, I will happily accept the challenge.

Everyone has to get older, because that’s life, especially for these people: Jim Roth, Kevin Green, Ryan Steele, Neena Vlamis and Mack Alsaidi had a Sunday Funday for their birthdays on Nov. 9, and Alex Chaparro and Alan Lev followed suit in their birthday suits on Nov. 12 and Nov. 14, respectively. If you see Ron Ruby or Steven Baumann this week, make sure to wish them a happy birthday – Ron tacks on another year Nov. 18, and Steven on Nov. 19. And Jenny Ames will be celebrating another holiday the day before Thanksgiving: her birthday, on Nov. 26.

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