I’m in the Money

by Agent X


Hey folks, it’s that time of year again where we bust out the calculators and the pocket protectors to bring the scoop on lending. Lenders are the ones that send me the best holiday presents, so I do my best to befriend as many of them as possible. You should do the same. On to the good stuff.

CA’s very own Anne Hartnett was honored on Oct. 1 as one of Folio magazine’s Top Women in Media. She’s part of the team who tapped me to write this column, so obviously she’s doing a lot of things right.

Piggybacking off Michael Lafido, Emily Santos joined Jameson Sotheby’s, but she’ll be covering the city. Pamela Moran went the opposite direction and left Jameson Sotheby’s to join Belgravia Group Sales. In case you were worried that @properties didn’t have enough offices, they’re opening another one in Barrington.

Matt Laricy and Tariq “TK” Khwaja are currently neck and neck for the most hits on their Who’s Who page, and if you’ve been following along in every Monday’s Agent Update newsletter, you know what I’m talking about. Matty had been No. 1 for what seemed like forever, but lately he’s been dipping in the polls. Maybe it just comes down to who has the better pocket square.

The three finalists for each Agents’ Choice category will come out on Monday! It’s almost as exciting as the Oscars. I think that CA editor SS should get up at 5 a.m. and make the announcement herself. I love reading all the comments at the bottom of the voting page! Either people are really pumped up or they didn’t realize that adding a comment wasn’t required to vote. Favorite comments so far: “Why do I have to leave a comment?” (you don’t!); “I still can’t believe the Bears won on Sunday. Go Bears!!”; “Jamie D. for president!” (this was commented about three times, I believe); “Everyone is a winner!!”; “got nuttin’;” “Where do I vote for best real estate magazine? CAM!”; “Vote Early, Vote Often;” and “I’M ON IT.”

On Sept. 27th I celebrated the birthday of my good buddy Sam Zell. There is a lot of secrecy surrounding this bash every year, and it’s a pretty coveted invite. I’m sure you’re dying to know the deets, but all I can say is maybe next year you’ll make the list and find out for yourself. It’s just too exclusive to spill.

Earlier that same day, Optima hosted an anniversary party with champagne, a photo booth and a DJ. Nothing beats getting drunk on champs and boogying down on a Saturday afternoon!

Don’t ever complain to me about having nothing to do because some fun things are coming up. On Oct. 7, 100 W. Huron will be hosting a launch party at the Godfrey Hotel. Thad Wong is throwing his annual Beelzebub party on Oct. 25 at the Merchandise Mart. This is the seventh year of the event, and they’ve managed to raise buckets for some local nonprofits. Money that is – not candy. The annual Hollywood Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Experience is coming up from Oct. 6-8. So if you happen to be in Los Angeles on those days, hop on over. And send me a postcard.

Birthdays! Barbara “Barbie” Matthopoulos and Tim “Timmy” McShane celebrated on Oct. 1, while Simon Stein raised a beer stein on Oct. 3. Jeff “OMGee” McGee was born on Oct. 4, while Sharbel “my name is too awesome for a nickname” Shamoon (this issue’s cover model!) has a birthday Oct. 6 (today!). Ryan “D’man” D’Aprile will celebrate on Oct. 8, while Jenny “no relation to Marci or to the street in L.A.” Sepulveda will celebrate on Oct. 10.

Have gossip that you don’t want anyone to know about? Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be sure to make it everyone’s business.

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