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by Chicago Agent


Chicago Agent Managing Editor Stephanie Sims

One-stop shopping is incredibly convenient. More and more stores are adding services – for example, you can often get your groceries, dry cleaning and lunch within the same shopping complex. And now, in most grocery stores, there are coffee shops and banks, making it possible to get two to three tasks done within the same building.

More and more brokerages appear to be adopting that mindset and adding services for clients to help make their experiences easier. Not only do consumers get an agent from a brokerage, but a lender, title service and lawyer, as well. When agents and their clients use in-house services, they have a greater control over a transaction; if an issue pops up during the loan, title, homeowners insurance or warranty stages, now there may be someone in-house readily available to help save the deal. How does that differ from an agent using a trusted affiliate? Although it’s helpful to have a trusted affiliate a phone call away, by having a lender, title company, warranty company, etc. within the brokerage itself, the accessibility and response rate is even faster, making it more likely to remedy any issues and save any deals quicker than normal.

More services mean more added value and more profits for a brokerage, but what services are most valued by consumers? And what services do a majority of brokerages provide? Find out in our cover story on page 12.

Let me know your thoughts about one-stop, full-service brokerages – email me at stephanie@chicago.staging312.com or comment on the cover story online.

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  • Carol Collins says:

    I think it’s a great idea. When you have a team of people who are familiar with each other, who are all on the same page it’s like a well oiled machine and the transaction goes so much smoother from start to finish, whether your on the buy side or sell side. I feel clients truly benefit when they use the Home Services of Berkshire Hathaway, including Wella Fargo Mortgage, Fort Dearborn Title and Fort Dearborn Insurance.

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