Tech Review: Keeping Current Matters

by Matt Dollinger


What is It?

Keeping Current Matters, or KCM, is a subscription based service that provides agents, brokers and lenders with monthly updated national real estate market statistics. These infographics, charts and reference materials, are an amazingly powerful tool for use with clients in buyer meetings, listing presentations and general communication about the market. In addition, members have access to a monthly audio-cast that accompanies the slides narrarated by recognized economist and speaker Steve Harney.

How it Works

KCM is essentially separated into two different websites – Keeping Current Matters and the KCM blog. KCM blog is their free blog – updated daily – and filled with amazing content. These posts (produced by recognized real estate speaker and economist Steve Harney, industry leading guest bloggers and the KCM staff writers) are written on the most current developments effecting the industry today – from the change in interest rates – to special interest pieces.

Each article is written to either a) inform you directly as an industry professional or b) be passed on directly to your clients to help educate them on the market. This blog is completely free and one of the most recognized spaces for high quality, engaging content. There are also a number of free webinars and white papers on a variety of topics and content available for everyone in the industry to take advantage of – from agents to inspectors to mortgage lenders.

KeepingCurrentMatters.com is their members only site, and is available to those in the industry for a monthly subscription of $19.95.

Upon logging into the member’s only site, you will see the updated Slidecast for the current month’s slides, typically about 30-45 slides in total. Each slidecast is narrarated by Steve himself who not only discussed what the data actually means, but how to explain it to your clients or use it in your upcoming presentations. The final slides of each presentation link directly to the sources that KCM have used in their presentation, so if you’re looking for more information or simply attribution of source – the links provided will take you directly to the article.

Best of all, the newly redesigned KCM website it responsive to mobile devices and easily allows those in the industry to share this valuable data with their clients. Simply long-press the images to save them to your mobile library or download the entire presentation in a myriad of different file options. In addition, all webinars, white papers and other materials are available here as well.

The Good:

Keeping Current Matters sifts through the mountains of information on the national real estate market and provides this in a simple yet comprehensive format to educate both service providers and their clients. The introduction of mobile responsiveness allows users to take this information on the go and can support both marketing and lead conversion efforts with ease.

The Bad:

The service only provides national figures and sometimes discusses topics that may not be applicable to all markets. Local data can be layered into the charts and inforgraphics but require service providers to provide them.

The Bottom Line:

Keeping Current Matters is THE easiest, most reliable and comprehensive source for national real estate data today. In our competitive and ever-changing real estate market, knowledge is power, and KCM brings that in a timely and educational manner. Using this information will create educated clients and differentiate you from others in the industry.

Tech Specs:

  • Individual Agent Accounts ($19.95/mo.)
  • Mortgage Lender Accounts (provided on request)
  • Enterprise Accounts (cost/50 agents – provided on request)

For more information on KCM’s Broker program, click here; for more information on Bridge Builders, click here.

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