Keeping in Touch with Affiliates: How Well Do You Sustain Relationships?

by Chicago Agent

Just how good of a job are you doing at keeping in touch with the lenders, builders and other people who help you do your job well? Have you mastered contact management, or do you need help in this area? Take this quiz and find out!

Remember, you need to perfect your skills in relationship-building, lead nurturing and keeping in touch in order to maximize your business and referrals from everyone you work with.

Take the quick quiz:

(T or F): I make quarterly keep-in-touch calls.

(T or F):I send industry professionals I work with a monthly real estate newsletter or e-Newsletter.

(T or F): I plan affiliate appreciation events and/or host seminars/networking events with them.

(T or F): I update my Facebook page with the latest news in my business.

(T or F): I try to email or call every few weeks to see what’s new with people I have worked with on occasion or if I haven’t heard from them in a while.

(T or F): I wish them a happy birthday on their birthdays.

(T or F): I acknowledge the affiliates who helped with the transaction, when I acknowledge a client’s home purchase anniversary date.

How well did you score? Click to the next page to find out!

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