5 Great Ways to be a Memorable Agent

by Peter Thomas Ricci

As a real estate agent, how do you ensure that your clients remember you and keep you in mind for their next purchase? We have five great suggestions.


Memory is an important component to a successful real estate career, but not just your own personal memory; in addition, your client’s memory, specifically what they remember of you, will be hugely influential for your repeat business and your referrals.

Of course, the basics of real estate – stellar communication, prompt response to emails/phone calls, awesome market knowledge – all play a big role in leaving a memorable impression, but what gestures can you pursue to give your business that extra push? Here are five ideas to consider:

1. A housewarming meal – We often hear of agents that give their clients gift cards after closing on their house, or who deliver pizza on the move-in day; though fine gestures in their own right, a more extensive, homey touch could be delivering a home-cooked meal to your clients. Think of how wonderful that would be, for your agent to show up with a scrumptious meal of mashed potatoes, gravy, oven roasted chicken and mixed vegetables. Yum!

2. Holiday-themed touches – Another great strategy is incorporating the holidays. Christmas trinkets/gift cards are a pretty common approach, and though we’d never disparage it (because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a Christmas gift), think of other holidays that you could creatively utilize. You could deliver pumpkins in October for Halloween, turkeys in November for Thanksgiving and gourmet chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

3. Something lasting  – Of course, not everything you give your clients has to be related to food! In fact, some agents avoid giving food, opting for something more lasting and omniscient. Something like a bouquet of flowers, or clever refrigerator magnets, or a picture frame could serve as a subtle, non-intrusive reminder of your service.

4. Tuned to the client’s needs – Finally, there are the ultra-specific gestures that work for one client and one client only. Is your client a first-time homebuyer, with plans to clear out all those weeds in the backyard? Buy them a Home Depot gift card. Are they big fans of theater? Look into tickets for the hottest show. Do they love cars? Give them a waxing kit. Idle chat during home showings can provide great material for these kinds of gifts, so pay attention!

5. Extemporaneous gifts – And of course, there’s always room for spontaneous, extemporaneous gifts and gestures that are not necessarily tied to any one event or period of the year. Restaurant gift cards, tickets to sporting events and arts & crafts items are always a hit!

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  • Darlene Anderson says:

    I give my clients a “move in survival kit” which includes a small box of a Tylenol or Advil. It is always a hit. Paper products, cleaning supplies, box cutter, light bulbs, note pad & pen are just a few of the items included.

  • Penny Naldrett says:

    Gifts, Gifts, Gifts. While a gift is always nice I think one can be more creative and sincere with actions. Maybe it is arranging a play date for a child or taking the dog on moving day. Maybe a hand written note to say thank you. Maybe it is an invitation to attend a musical event with you or a welcome to the neighborhood party. When I do buy gifts I certainly try to tailor them to my clients. I live and work on a small island so one of my favorite housewarming gifts to newcomers is a sample of local products from locally made soap, local baked goods, a book by a local author, a cd by a local musician. This way I am introducing my clients to my favorite local products and supporting the local community.

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