What Would YOUR Client Compromise On?

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Sad as it may be, the perfect home does not exist – what features would your clients be most willing to give up?


It would be nice if we lived in a perfect world. Money would grow on trees; chocolate would be as healthy as beans and bananas; and homebuyers would find the ideal, turn-key-ready home every time.

Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world, and compromise is a common aspect of the homebuying process, particularly with housing inventory as low as it’s been in recent months – and though the tide may be changing, housing inventory remains quite low historically, and it’s spurring homebuyer demand across the nation.

But what features of a home are potential homebuyers most willing to compromise on? That was the central question of a recent survey conducted by Century 21, which asked more than 2,000 American adults on how far they’d be willing to go to buy that dream house. Would they give up a finished basement, or a walk-in closet? Would they move far away from family and friends, or accept a longer commute to work? Would they put more money down, or buy the home as-is? See our infographic below to find out:

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  • Sara McMurray says:

    I’m sure the answers vary widely by region. As an urban-Chicago realtor I don’t find clients to be willing to compromise on location as much as perhaps they do in suburban, rural or small towns.

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