3 Tips for Success in Chicago’s Housing Market

by Jason Shapiro

How can you succeed in a real estate market as nuanced and competitive as Chicago’s? Jason Shapiro of Rising Realty has three suggestions.


There are many areas in real estate that Realtors can succeed in if they focus their attention, and with that in mind, here are three tips I recommend you focus on to succeed in Chicago’s housing market.

Tip 1: Specialize – Just like all good attorneys, doctors and other professionals, the Realtors who are the most successful in a tough market are the ones who set themselves apart in a particular field. This could be an agent who specializes in REO, short sales, luxury high-end homes or investors. No matter what your speciality is, it is important to distinguish yourself from the run of the mill Realtors who simply search the MLS and find someone a home or list someone’s home.

Some of the different specialized areas involved a combination, but most successful Realtors have a niche that elevates them above their peers. In the current state of Chicago real estate, it is important to understand and educate yourself on short sales and REO’s; distressed sales make up a large percentage of the properties in the market, and you will be at a disadvantage without such education.

Tip 2: Network – Meeting people and putting yourself out in the public is the key to marketing one’s business. Realtors don’t get business by sitting at a desk and picking up the phone. You have to be front and center and connect with people in person. If you don’t, someone else will.

Attend social events and clubs, and make friends; even going out on the town and meeting people will increase your business and expose your profession. Internet advertising and social media are crucial in today’s ever-changing real estate market. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a new real estate website called acrenetwork.com are all great ways to network, meet other real estate professionals and to transact business online.

Tip 3: Dress for Success – It’s cliché, but successful people – including successful Realtors – dress and act like they are successful, and present themselves as confident and classy individuals.

Realtors have sometimes been stereotyped as commonly dressing in jeans and shorts. That isn’t recommended,  even on weekends, and this is not how your want to present yourselves to your potential clients. If a prospective client has to choose between Realtors, they will almost always choose the one who is more presentable and professionally attired.


Jason Shapiro is a broker/principal at Rising Realty in Chicago; he can be reached at:

Office: 773.897.0614
Fax: 773.395.9553
Cell: 847.910.0567
E-mail: jasons@risingrealty.com

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