6 Ways to Groom Top Agents

by Stephanie Sims

Want to train your agents to be even better? Do these six things:

1. Set Goals. Having concrete goals empowers employees and keeps them focused on work. They might not want to attain top producer status, but what do they want to achieve?

2. Motivate Your Agents. What keeps them with your organization and stops them from going somewhere else? How can you make sure they do their best work? You want to keep them happy so they’re a) happy to work for you and b) doing great work and improving every day.

3. Be There to Listen. This isn’t all about challenges. Whether it’s a situation with a buyer or seller they don’t know their way around or they made a big sale and want to celebrate, your agents will come to you. This is key mentoring time when you can really help hone their skills that will enable them to become top agents.

4. But Don’t Give Them All the Answers. As Chuck Goro mentions in the cover story, giving agents all the answers up front, or fixing the problem for them, does nothing beneficial for the agent. This might mean you need to let them make a mistake or two – after all, the best way for people to learn is often from mistakes.

5. Be Self Aware. Be aware of your moods and how you communicate. You know you are in a bad mood because your coffee maker broke this morning, but your agents may feel that they have done something wrong. Be aware of how and what you communicate. Your team will pick up on it.

6. Use systems. Whether your systems are checklists so agents can remember every single detail at a listing appointment or a filing system, they will help agents do their job efficiently and effectively. And systems make their jobs easier, making it easier for them to put more focus where they need to at any given moment.

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