Your Social Search Engine Network, Google+

by Mitch Levinson


Mitch Levinson is managing partner with Marketing RELEVANCE.

If you’ve been following along with my monthly blogs, your social media program should be coming together nicely. You’ve learned about the importance of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. However, while those are the big four, you shouldn’t ignore Google+.

While Google+ may not be the most popular social media platform, Google is the world’s most popular website. When your clients are searching for a home, chances are their first stop is Google, which means Google’s social media site isn’t one to ignore.

Here’s a rundown of the features that make Google+ important for both Chicago real estate agents and area homebuilders.

“+1” Power: Have you noticed the “+1” button on websites? Chances are, you have. ALL of Google’s services including Reader, Mail and YouTube are integrated with this button, which is similar to Facebook’s Like button. The +1 feature allows you to discover and share relevant content from the people you know and trust. Once something is +1ed (and virtually anything can be), it will be seen in search results and on websites with this button.
Local: Now that Google Local and Google+ Business have been combined, potential clients are able to easily see all of your business’ information prominently in their search results.
Search Engine Optimization: If you want to rank for a specific term, you’ll want to make sure your Google+ profile is completely filled out with the most accurate information that includes keywords, photos and links to all of you websites and social media pages. Take this a step further by posting frequently and promoting your page.
Search Plus Your World: This new feature allows for anyone who is signed into their Google account while searching to see a “personal results” section filled with information strictly from Google+.
Brand: Last, but not least, Google+ is another way to show off you and your business. Make sure to create a cover photo, share your blog posts and photos and share other relevant industry information to keep those who are following you coming back for more!

Even though Google+ may have some catching up to do in terms of numbers, this social search engine network definitely has the power to take your business to the next level.

Mitch Levinson, MIRM, CAPS, CGP, CSP is managing partner with Marketing RELEVANCE and the author of “Internet Marketing: The Key to New Home Sales” published by BuilderBooks. He is an Internet marketing expert with expertise in search engine optimization, website development, email marketing, social media and CRM consulting services. If you’re looking to improve your online presence through website development or mobile website design, contact Marketing RELEVANCE or connect with Mitch Levinson on Google+.

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