Why Politics Don’t Matter in Real Estate

by Peter Thomas Ricci


Carmen Rodriguez is an agent with Coldwell Banker in Edgebrook.

Did you know that the guy behind the deli counter at your grocery store voted for the other guy? Want to know why it matters? It doesn’t.

There are a lot of places where politics don’t matter. The deli counter at the grocery store is one. Real estate is another.

After the right to vote, the most American thing in this country is real estate. It’s all ours. It can’t go anywhere and it doesn’t shift positions if you call it. Houses can be red or blue, and they can be on opposite sides of the country, but they remain neutral on issues of policy and they don’t do anything on Twitter (thank goodness!).

Policy, of course, is another thing altogether, and it does matter. But increasingly, it seems we get caught up in the politics, which can be more sensitive and stressful on relationships. Sometimes, it may feel that folks you thought you knew very well you don’t know at all; it’s like they speak a different language! While you may not be able to avoid some of that stress on Facebook, you can at work. You don’t have to know the political leanings of anyone processing a real estate transaction in order to have a great success.

I bet I’ve sold houses to several liberals and several conservatives and I can honestly say, mostly, I don’t know which ones are which. I’m sure some of the lenders I’ve worked with don’t vote the way I do. I’ll bet inspectors and appraisers and attorneys all have their own views. I have no idea what they are. And I don’t need to.

What we have in common matters more than what we may differ upon in politics. For starters, we all speak the universal language of real estate. The aspirations of homeownership, the anxiety over qualifying for a loan, the excitement of getting those keys – those are all just human feelings. So long as you’re working with humans (and if you’re not, I really can’t help you) you should be glad to know that in real estate, politics just don’t matter.

Carmen Rodriguez is an agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Edgebrook; she can be reached at:

Cell: 773-457-2495
Direct: 773-467-5432
Office: 773-467-5300
E-fax: 773-697-5778
Email: Carmen.Rodriguez@cbexchange.com

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  • Mike Long says:

    Carmen, very well said. You are not alone in your opinions and make sure you continue to speak your mind on this. You want to see a shift away from the politics then get involved with the associations. You’re voice would be very well received (by me).

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