Estately Offers Searchable Real Estate Service And Lead Generation For Agents

by Chicago Agent


Estately is a real estate search site that opts for a cleaner, simpler approach than that of Zillow or Trulia.

By Ian McKendry

Estately, which uses the straightforward tag line, “home shopping made simple,” is another real estate search site. However, the tag line is appropriate – the website is intuitive and not overly cluttered like some of the other search sites out there.

In fact, because Estately’s business model relies on referral fees and not online ads, it is cleaner than a lot of sites and is a member of Multiple Listing Services in 17 states, making for a thorough search.

How does Estately work?

Estately teams up with agents that have a few years of experience and charges them a 30 percent referral fee when an Estately client completes a transaction. However, it is free for agents to join and for home buyers and sellers to use.

Although any agent can join, Estately vets agents and tries to pair leads with agents who best fit their needs and have received positive client feedback from previous dealings. For instance, if someone is searching for a home on the website and decides they would like to schedule a tour they would either call or email Estately who will get back to them and eventually pair them with an agent they feel is best suited for the client and the property.

How does Estately compare?

Estately’s strongest selling point is the simplicity of its website. It lets you dive right into search and uses bigger-sized photos while still providing essential property information and neighborhood details like nearby schools.

The design of the website is actually similar to other search sites like Trulia or Zillow, but feels less crowded which can make the search experience a little more pleasant. Overall, the website is great for search and maybe worth a look for agents who are interested in generating some new leads and don’t mind sharing the 30 percent cut. The company clearly pride themselves on enhancing the online search experience.

“Estately is an addictive, easy way to shop for homes. We’re speedy, with big photos and accurate,. up-to-date info,” the Estately blog says.

Check out the site at www.estately.com.

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  • Carol Collier says:

    I have never worked referrals before. This time of year everything moves a little slower pace. I prefer to continue working. I have been with PMZ over 15 years and 15 years with other real estate firms. I receive all business from past clients. I have the knowledge and experience . I am very personable and enjoy helping buyers find the home that fits their needs & sellers a quick and easy transaction.

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