10 Character Qualities to Build Your Best Team Yet

by Chicago Agent


How do you build your best real estate team yet? By hiring agents with these 10 character qualities.

By Stephanie Sims

A managing broker or team leader is only as good as his or her team of agents. How can you make sure you’re hiring the cream of the crop? How can you assemble a team of top producers to put your brokerage at the top of its game? Look for agents with the following 10 qualities.

1. A good book of business.

Agents who come with their own contacts who they’ve done business with – sometimes more than once – are great agents to hire; they’re bringing their business directly to your brokerage.

2. Attentive and organized.

Agents who are organized and attentive to the minute details, have a quick response time when it comes to emails and phone calls, are on boards and committees and know what’s happening in the industry are beneficial to any brokerage – being on top of absolutely everything work-related keeps clients and gets referrals and, ultimately, more business.

3. Technologically proactive.

Do the agents you’re interviewing know the difference between Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Do they have good websites promoting their business? Do they know of great real estate apps that they use on their cell phones? In this industry, many agents aren’t as technologically proactive as anyone who is thinking about their future business should be.

4. Respect for both peers and clients.

Having respect for not only colleagues, but also clients, is key. Clients don’t want to hire someone who is arrogant and disrespectful, and other agents don’t want to be around someone who exhibits those qualities, either. Someone who is disrespectful will give your brokerage a bad reputation.

5. A solid work ethic.

Agents who don’t want to work hard for results will most likely always need to be prodded and pushed to get things accomplished. This is very different from motivating an agent to do his best work – an agent with a solid work ethic will always strive for the best, and will look to a managing broker for specific guidance as to how to achieve his own goals as an agent.

6. An understanding of benefits of long-term relationships with clients.

Veterans in the industry know the value of treating each client as a potential repeat client or opportunity to obtain referrals – a majority of long-term agents say several of their clients have hired them again, and many have even formed longtime friendships with clients.

7. Problem-solving abilities.

A managing broker might be an advisor to his team of agents, but agents who aren’t afraid to find solutions on their own are assets to a company.

8. Positive attitude.

Staying positive is how great employees get through bad days – and there will be bad days. No matter what clients or the market throws at agents, look for people who can keep a positive game face on, not let anything thwart them, and who can keep coworkers positive, as well.

9. Willingness to learn.

No one knows absolutely all there is to know in life, and people can learn new things every day. Agents who know this are keepers, especially in a market that is constantly changing.

10. Has goals for business and for life.

Agents who don’t have goals, whether for their career or personal life, is a red flag. How can you expect them to set high standards, work hard to achieve desired results, and set new goals? All top-producing agents set goals for themselves…if you want to hire a future top producer, make sure agents have this quality.

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