A New Era For Construction?

by Chicago Agent

stephanie-sims-chicago-agent-managing-editor-zappos-real-estate-2011Buyers are still cautious, but statistics show that the new construction market is turning positive. New construction starts may not be where they were in 2007, but the fact that there are small increases at least says just that – the new construction market is gaining positive territory.

We asked our readers to send us all their new construction properties for our New Construction Status Update (page 17), and even in doing this, we noticed that the new construction market was improving – several projects that were partially sold earlier this year for our spring new construction issue are now sold out, and many had been sold out for months.

According to our last issue (“Truth About Agents”), there’s an increase in the number of homebuyers interested in new construction. So check out all the new construction properties listed in this issue and be sure to inform your clients!

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