Truth About Agents: Trends and Training

by Chicago Agent

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 REO sales may be decreasing – 91 percent of agents were involved with less than 20 REO deals in 2011, while 2 percent of agents handled over 100. In addition, rentals make up a similar portion of agents’ business year-over-year, with 73 percent of agents saying it was less than 25 percent of their business.

In the past year, 36 percent of agents said about 20 to 50 percent of their listings required a price change before it sold, while 33 percent of agents said less than 20 percent of their listings required a price change. When taking on a listing, the longest agents have not communicated with the sellers is one to two weeks and, in terms of actually working in an office, 39 percent of agents only go in as they see fit, and 37 percent of agents go to the office every day.


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