Keep Your Options Open

by Chicago Agent


Stephanie Sims is the managing editor of Chicago Agent magazine.

There is some debate as to whether agents should host open houses. Many agents say they only host them if the client wants them to. Others refuse to host them because they insist there’s no point. But there are a few agents I’ve talked to – and not just agents in our cover story – who say open houses are beneficial when it comes to promoting your business.

Notice I didn’t write, “when it comes to selling a house.” More often than not, an open house will not sell the property. But that doesn’t mean agents should not hold open houses at all or not take them seriously. This is the perfect place for all sorts of potential clients and influencers to see what you do. If you’re hosting an open house the right way – promoting the open house, making the home inviting, paying attention to detail and following up with buyers – then it’s only natural for other buyers, some who may still be looking for an agent, to look to you to represent them in the future.

Check out our cover story to see if you’re hosting open houses the right way.

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