When Selling, Make Sure the Price is Right

by Chicago Agent

Rick Lawrence is a Realtor with Baird & Warner in Naperville

How do you sell a home in 30 days or less in today’s market?  The answer is simple and all agents know it – price it right!

I know what you are saying – that it is not that easy nowadays, because of all the value losses that homeowners have experienced in the past few years. Though this is true with most homes, it is our job as real estate agents to inform our clients of the current market conditions and also make them aware of what they can reasonably expect their home to sell for in their market.

If the sellers are expecting their home to sell for well over what the current market analysis shows, then you either have to decide to go along with them to price the home near to market or not take the listing, because it will sit forever.

“What? Not take a listing? Are you crazy? It will sell eventually, won’t it?” you might ask. Yes, it might sell eventually, but at what price? In the meantime, you will look bad in your client’s eyes because they are not getting any showings and their house is not selling.

The best advice we can give to our clients is that, yes, they could “lose” money on their current house, but so is the person who owns the home they would like to buy. Going forward, the new home should increase in value.  So price your listings right from the start and get it sold in 30 days or less.

Rick Lawrence is a Realtor with Baird & Warner in Naperville. He can be reached at:

Phone: 630 803-2967
836 W 75th Street
Naperville, IL 60565

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