Lead On Me

by Chicago Agent

As agents, most of your business is dependent on yourself. You’re the one who has to market your skills and listings. You’re the one who has to get out there and make sure everyone sees your face and accomplishments. Generating leads is a responsibility that’s really almost entirely up to an agent to do.

That’s not to say a brokerage doesn’t play a part in leads, too. In fact, the promise of a certain amount of leads per month and offering lead generating systems that deliver proven results can play a part in what brokerage an agent chooses to affiliate with. We interviewed a few top Chicagoland brokerages about their own lead systems and how those systems benefit agents. However, as the agents we interviewed for our cover story say, this business is more than just being handed leads – a lead is what you make of it.

“Agents who expect a company lead to turn into a deal in 30 days are missing the point,” says Steve Lawrence, branch manager with Baird & Warner Libertyville, pictured on our cover. “There is definitely a nurturing of leads that has to happen.”

Staying at the forefront of technology and new lead generating tactics and systems is imperative for any agent and brokerage, but remembering to practice “old” lead generating strategies helps, too – maintaining communication with your sphere of influence for referrals and putting in face-to-face time with people, instead of just texting and emailing, can go a long way. Sometimes, making an effort to connect with clients outside technology can help close the deal.

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