Geri McCafferty, Realtor/Associate, Brush Hill Realtors

by Chicago Agent

Geri McCafferty

Realtor/Associate, Brush Hill Realtors

How do you think the ratio of renters to buyers will change next year? I think we will still have more renters than buyers next year. Many renters have sold their homes and are waiting for the right deal before they buy again. The economy has a great effect on the rental market, as well.

Do you think there will be more brokerage mergers and acquisitions next year? Yes, I think the larger companies will continue to go after the smaller companies; they always try to acquire the smaller companies in a down market. We’ll probably also see mergers within smaller companies.

Do you expect home values to increase, decrease or stay the same next year? I expect home values will continue to decrease a little further. With the continued decrease, it should bring out the buyers, who will then remove more homes from the market. It is important to make sellers aware that the price is driving the market, and at the right price, everything sells.

What are Brush Hill Realtors’ plans for 2012? Brush Hill will continue to push forward and upwards in 2012. As a smaller company, they continue to urge their agents to go the extra mile with both buyers and sellers. We’re on the tail-end of a long down market and can see our agents getting busier and working harder to close their deals. We have a very positive outlook for the coming year.

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