Drussy Hernandez, Managing Broker, Conlon: A Real Estate Company, Roscoe Village

by Chicago Agent

The operations at Conlon: A Real Estate Company function inclusively. All 150 full-time agents are allowed access to the company’s three locations; pocket listings are posted internally on an Intranet network to encourage in-house transactions; and an internal agent tools site, which is fully functional at home or at the office, is available 24/7.

“We encourage cooperation within the company where assistance in all matters related to real estate is readily available,” says Drussy Hernandez, Conlon’s managing broker. We focus on our own agents and the assistance they may need while still offering services to our clients that far exceed their expectations.”

Hernandez, who has been in real estate since 1984 and a managing broker since 2004, says she stays motivated by following a self-imposed set of standards and expectations.

“Our industry is best served by determined individuals who wish to succeed in this market by providing exceedingly good client service,” Hernandez says. “My goal is to assist our agents in achieving success and encourage patterns of behavior to accomplish this goal.”

Rich Kasper–Co-Owner, Tim Sheahan–Co-Owner and Sean J. Conlon – Founder/Owner

A big part of Conlon’s success, Hernandez says, is how the company uses technology as the focal point in its marketing apparatus. In addition to the aforementioned Intranet network – which also allows agents to track lead generation and manage contact databases – Conlon also utilizes a fully redesigned, user-friendly website that allows clients to communicate instantly with an agent for more information on any of the site’s listings.

Conlon also provides its agents with “just listed” and “just sold” e-cards, which can be sent to clients, weekly e-newsletters, which provide pertinent information about the real estate markets and economic trends, and unique communication strategies for social media, smart phones, and now the iPad, all that contribute to agents having the most essential, up-to-the-minute information.

Agents will not succeed without an appropriate mixture of all the aforementioned strategies, Hernandez says – or an office that effectively manages them.

“Agents need to be prepared with the tools to succeed,” Hernandez says. “These include the technology that’s needed as well as the right environment to remain productive. At Conlon, we provide the perfect atmosphere for agents to balance their knowledge with the opportunities we offer.”

And those opportunities, Hernandez says, extend to anyone who shares the company’s commitment to the professional possibilities that are unique to real estate, an employment policy that is, if anything, inclusive.

“Our team approach welcomes agents who’d like to benefit from the daily activities and find the experiences in real estate to be rewarding.”

Years as managing broker: Seven
Years in real estate: 27
Number of full-time agents: 150
Awards and honors: “We have several agents who have earned top-producing awards on a consistent basis. Deborah Hess, Robin Allotta, Jamie Connor, Darragh Landry and Howard Thomas are among the top in our market, having years of experience, and their production speaks for itself.”

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