The Term “FHA” is Only Visible in Less Than 2 Percent of Listings

by Chicago Agent

Being FHA-insured is a big advantage in this housing market, but it seems most agents aren’t making that fact visible to consumers. There are about 14 percent of FHA properties in the MLS listings. However, only 1.8 percent of listings have the term “FHA” in the “remarks” section of the MLS, the most visible space in a listing after photos, address and price. One of the most important things in a buyer’s reality is financing options. Why put this information in other agent-only fields deep in the MLS, which can’t be seen by consumers? FHA loans can be an advantage to buyers – why aren’t more agents advertising this fact about their FHA properties for sale?

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  • Exactly! Providing as much information in listings is crucial to help all consumers of this data, especially buyers/their agents; and loan officers. It saves so much time, when these parties can see this information instantly, online… instead of having to contact multiple parties to discover it.

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