The Truth About Agents

by Chicago Agent

How do agents feel about commissions, their brokerage and associations? How do their commission splits, incomes and marketing budgets fare this year compared to last year’s survey results?

We know – and soon you will, too.

Chicago Agent sent out a comprehensive survey to find out the truth about agents. We received an overwhelming number of responses (special thanks to our readers, for taking the time to fill out the survey), and the results on the next few pages reveal the truth about what agents are doing, how hard they are working, how happy they are with their brokerage and associations, and how this information compares to last year. What we found was that things changed – in a good way – from 2009 to 2010; agents increased their incomes and commission splits and still had a small percentage of their business as rentals, along with other good news for the housing market.

Curious? Take a look at the following pages to find out what’s changed from 2009 and what’s stayed relatively steady when it comes to the truth about agents.

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