Dancing with the CARs

by Chicago Agent

I don’t try to be a party-hopping, schmoozing, agent in the biz. That’s just the card I was dealt. I can’t help that I’m fun. I can’t help that people invite me places, or that people want to give me awards for all my great work. It’s just who I am. And lucky for me, and you, these parties are where I find out the best scoops.

CAR had its Top Producers event at the House of Blues on March 24 and, as predicted, a rowdy crowd came out. People were even rowdy during the awards ceremony. Genie Birch had to quiet everyone down from the stage. Relax, Genie! An open bar tends to make people think they’re whispering when they’re actually shouting.

The CAR awards brought out the best in some people, too – best outfits, that is. Margie Smigel wowed the crowd in a floor-length velvet burgundy dress with matching elbow-length gloves. I wonder if she wears those gloves for listing presentations, too? That brings the white glove treatment to a new level.

Of course, after-parties and after-after-parties are my favorite part of events, and there were quite a few being thrown. Once the music started playing in the House of Blues after awards were given out, I didn’t see Mabel Guzman sit down again! That woman is a dance machine! Leon Deniz, Wells Fargo LO, was trying to get people to go to the O Lounge. Guess if you get a home loan from him, you get a VIP pass to the O? Mabel continued her dance party at Hub 51 and ran into Bears player Brian Urlacher, much later on in the evening. I hear he was impressed with her dance moves.

We’ve got a secret celebrity among us Chicagoland agents. Paola Ferguson from John Greene Realty is a bona fide movie star! She plays the lead in “Una y Otra vez” (“Over and Over Again” for those of you who don’t frequent Miami enough to understand Spanish). The movie is being shown as part of the Chicago Film Festival at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema on Saturday, April 9 at 9:45 pm and at the Instituo Cervantes on April 13 at 6:30 pm if you want to see Paola walk the red carpet.

Apparently Thad Wong is stalking Rahm Emmanuel at EBC in the mornings. Guess he’s trying to rub elbows with him while on the elliptical.

Business news – Aspire Properties (previously with Jameson Sotheby’s) will be operating under Exit Realty from now on. The transitioning agents (how fitting for this issue!) include partners Mike Cuevas and Marcie Schmidt, as well as George Cuevas, Denise Mitchell, Lauren Schuh, Kelsey Karp, Roman Zvyagelsky and Rick Richker.

Happy belated April Fool’s Day, I mean, birthday, to Mike Vesole on April 1; Phil Burnstine on April 3; and Anne Ewasko and Dennis Dooley on April 8. Tomorrow, Lauren Mitrick is sure to be partying somewhere for her birthday on April 12.

RE/MAX Showcase’s Jeremy Porton got a very special delivery on April Fool’s Day, and it wasn’t a joke (I don’t think…): a baby girl named Makayla Jenese Porter, born at 4:56 pm. Congratulations, Jeremy!

Oh, and I just got a glimpse of the next cover story (issue date 4.25.11)…all I’m saying is I would never take a piano in lieu of commissions, would you? Stay tuned.

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