Law And Order: Escrow Intent

by Chicago Agent

Okay, I’ve been a veteran of Chicago, so I know what winter here is all about.

In October, we all ease into the cold weather, and before I know it, I’ve got to wear three sweaters under a jacket under a coat December through February. And with Blizzard 2011 (which could have had a way cooler name, by the way, like “snowmageddon,”or “snowpocalypse.” Those were my favorites courtesy of Twitter), driving to showings has been crazy! Of course I have a heated parking space – but the thing I hate most about the snow is all those parking spaces being guarded by tacky lawn chairs, bar stools, what have you. Please, stop the madness!

Speaking of snow and angry citizens, apparently Forbes.com has named Chicago No. 7 on its “America’s Most Miserable Cities” list. A few of the things that landed Chicago on this list? Long commutes – 30.7 minutes on average, the eighth worst in the U.S. – the weather, crime rates, foreclosures and home price trends and high sales tax – 9.75 percent, tied with California for the highest! I mean, I believe this ranking. So do what I do: get to someplace warm and have your assistant do the showings. Seriously, this snow isn’t melting for a while, I’m booking a flight out of town as we speak.

If you’re sick of everyone complaining about theweather, here’s something to talk about: Koenig & Strey has hired 11 new real estate agents, all from thereal estate firm formerly known as Sudler Sotheby’s International Realty. Marla Nyberg, Melissa McNally,Helaine Cohen, Janelle Gordon, Helen Beller, Jeanette Gregg, Kathleen Murray, Andrea Tucker, Sarah Taich, Pam Tuggle and William Tuggle now work for Koenig & Strey’s Gold Coast office. Koenig & Strey Real Living also replaced Letitia Windham with Darlene Little, former managing broker of Prudential Rubloff in Lincoln Park. That’s a good get! I hear there are other big fish Koenig & Strey are planning to lure over…

Glad to hear many former Sudler agents are on to new ventures, especially the way things are looking for their former company – my sources tell me Sudler is under all kinds of investigation! What is this, Law and Order: Escrow Intent? A North side couple filed a report with the Chicago police and said over $50,000 in a Sudler escrow account has gone missing. Sergio, answer your phone!

That’s not the only company under investigation — the owners of Regent Realty have been indicted on fraud charges, allegedly stealing more than $2 million in assessment payments. Word is they covered up their fraud by creating false monthly financial reports for each property. Why are people trying to go around the law? Maybe they think they’re like Lindsay Lohan, above the law!

Enough of that – remember BuyOwner.com? Does anyone even remember that real estate website, once the nation’s largest FSBO site? Well, it was sold for $1 million. “That’s it?” you might be saying right now. Yep, that’s it – the site that once made more than $28 million and then sharply decreased to under $250,000 was sold for just $1 million. Oh, how times have changed…

Chicago Agent’s “Top Producers” issue is coming up, soon. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a top producer like me? I mean, I’m hard to beat, in my humble opinion, but I give other agents “A”s for effort in trying to beat my stats. If you think you rank among the best, email me at AgentX@ChicagoAgentMagazine.com.

Still recovering from partying are Michael Golden, who celebrated his birthday Jan. 21, as well as Jon Millikin and Kevin Thornton, who both celebrated their birthdays on Jan. 26. This Saturday, Feb. 12 is Laura Glaan’s birthday, so be sure to buy her a drink! David Kasprisin and Jill Hare both celebrate birthdays on Feb. 23, so you’ve got some time to think of good birthday gifts.


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