Brand New Horizons

by Stephanie Sims

stephanie-sims-chicago-agent-magazine-managing-editorWhat a great time to start a new career as the managing editor for Chicago Agent – the first month of the New Year has just ended, but big things are on the horizon, I can feel it.

I’d like to introduce myself as the new managing editor, but I’m not new to the magazine. I have been writing cover stories for CA and other real estate publications for years. I grew up in Barrington and then lived in Chicago, and have always been fascinated with the real estate industry. The stories I contributed to each issue were interesting to research and write – there are so many factors in the industry and Realtors, developers and lenders all work together to create homes and to bring people to homes they love, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Following and researching housing trends all my life in Chicagoland has been a passion for me. While I wrote for Construction Today magazine, I developed a keen interest in building trends and LEED technology in homes. And though I moved out to Las Vegas for a bit, I never stopped paying attention to Chicagoland and real estate trends. Well, it’s hard not to pay attention to the real estate trends in Vegas…let’s just say I’m glad to be back in Chicago, a city I’ve always loved, especially because of its architecture, neighborhoods and different styles of housing. The winter weather was a draw, too (just kidding).

I’m very excited to be a part of exciting new things ahead for the magazine. Be on the lookout for new features, more content online and helpful things on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

In this issue, we address a topic that Realtors and lenders are grappling with – tighter lending standards. We interviewed experts who had a lot to say in our cover story, and according to our survey, you had a lot to say, too. Be sure to check out those stories.

I hope you all enjoy this issue, and I’m looking forward to putting together many more!

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