Taking the Lead

by Chicago Agent

One of the most popular Agents’ Choice Awards this year was the managing broker category. All of our award categories received a great response, but the managing broker award was one that no one skipped. This just proves how important these leaders really are to each individual office.

In our Playing By the New Rules issue (Vol. 7 iss. 19), we highlighted the change in licensing rules and noted that managing brokers will need to obtain a special managing broker license by 2012. Here is yet another example of how the industry will be taking this role more seriously in the future.

As the market starts to improve at a slow pace, now is a great time to give credit to the individuals that led the charge and remained calm during the rough times in order to keep agents focused on the task at hand. Sure, some managing brokers didn’t make it through the low points and have headed a new direction; however, many have remained strong and persevered with their eyes directed toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, more than ever, a good managing broker can make the difference in a real estate office.

With 2010 coming to an end, many will be looking to make a switch before the new year. In our August survey, The Truth About Agents, we learned that 20 percent of those surveyed are looking to change offices in 2010. Some may have already done so, but others could be on the prowl.

In this year’s Best Offices issue, we are highlighting 22 managing brokers from 22 different offices, and we’ve asked the questions that agents want answered. Agents can use this as a guide to see what they might be missing, while managing brokers can glean tips and hints to creating an attractive office.

In college basketball, the point guard sets the tone for the team and runs the court. Though he may not actually score a lot of points, without point guards like Demetri McCamey on the Illini, most of the team’s baskets would never have happened. Be the point guard for your office, and guide your team to success in every game.

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