Try Something New

by Chicago Agent

It’s no secret that many agents have been searching for new opportunities since the market became more difficult. Some have downgraded to part-time, while others have left the industry completely. It’s sad when the industry loses members, but then again, there are people who think that the one good thing about this market is that it is weeding out those who got into real estate for the wrong reasons.

There are still plenty of agents who are going strong, and in fact have learned to thrive in this market. Some agents put their nose to the grindstone and have worked harder than ever before, while a small population has figured out ways to make the market work for them. The real estate world is ever-changing, and talented agents follow the market and adjust. Standard, residential transactions still happen, but the number of foreclosures, auctions, short sales, etc., have increased exponentially. Residential agents are exploring the world of commercial transactions, and REOs are no longer associated with speedwagons. The agents who are still at it are the ones who have learned the new tricks of the trade.

In this issue, we’ve found experts in a few of the markets that are really taking off. These experts have provided tips, hints and strategies to instruct others as to how to get involved in these new sales methods. They have expanded their business and their horizon to make money, and were kind enough to share their insights on succeeding in today’s modern market.

In the end, some of these new types of sales may not be your cup of tea. Not every agent will want to start selling commercial properties, and rental clients just aren’t the right fit for everyone. However, it never hurts to have this information in your arsenal at all times – just in case.

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