Winners and Losers

by Chicago Agent

Once again, I was shut out of the Agents’ Choice Awards. Neither Agent X nor my true identity were chosen as nominees. I tried to flood the system to win the MVP, but then I was informed that CA found a way to make sure that everyone only votes once. What is this world coming to? I would say congrats to all the winners, but I’m too depressed. And yes, I was at the party, even though I wasn’t nominated for one single category. I heard everyone was asking if I was present, and one person even asked me if I knew Agent X’s identity. Next year, maybe the magazine will add a category for the most gossipy agent, because I’d win that hands down. Oh well, I already have an Oscar and an Emmy, so I guess I’ll survive.

Apparently Related Midwest has taken over Winthrop Club in Evanston, and they’re planning to expand the amenities floor. Related Midwest is also going forward with 500 apartments on the land The Peshtigo was on, but plan to change the name. Good thing because the old one was too fishy.

On Oct. 26, Ranquist Development invited agents out for a tour of some of their single-family homes. The tour ended with a haunted house hosted by “Scary Realty.” While I think that might be a made up company, it’s a name that I will steal when I finally open my own brokerage. I tried calling the 555-555-boo! phone number on the invite, until I realized it was one number short.

Red Seal had a Grand Opening of their single-family homes in Avondale on Oct. 28, even though a certain CA staffer tweeted she was on her way there on the 27th. Don’t worry, we gave her lots of crap about that when she returned to the office.

Meritus Homes also had a Grand Opening at Creekside at Inverness Ridge on Oct. 28, complete with a drawing for a gift card to Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants. I hope that Cooper’s Hawk is someone’s name because I will also steal it for my brokerage.

Busy day on Oct. 28 as Park View and Harbor Shores hosted a Fall Festivities celebration in honor of the fall. Fall means summer is gone and thus there is nothing really to celebrate.

From Oct. 30-31, Del Webb hosted an open house at Sun City Huntley. I thought about wearing my Lady Gaga costume to the event, but I didn’t want to scare anyone away. And for the record, just because I dressed as Lady Gaga for Halloween does not mean you can assume that I am female.

Del Webb had two more open houses on Nov. 3, one at Shorewood Glen and the other at Grand Dominion at Mundelein. Should we be suspicious that they’re having so many open houses, or should we just enjoy the free grub and keep our thoughts to ourselves?

From Nov. 5-8 agents around Chicagoland headed to New Orleans for the National Association of Realtors Annual Expo and Conference, known as NARdiGras. Frankly the name of the conference itself is so hilarious there is no need for a joke here.

Coming up on Nov. 12, Coldwell Banker will be honored with the 2010 “Spirit of Youth” award from the National Runaway Switchboard (NRS) for its support in keeping America’s at-risk youth safe and off the streets. I ran away once when I was a kid, but I really just hid in a tree in our backyard until it was dinnertime. The event has some sweet raffle prizes and online auction items like trips to Paris and Florida and tickets to Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks games. Let’s see a trip to Paris or a trip to Florida, tough call.

On Nov. 11 the Lincoln Park Builders Club will hold their annual event at Germenia Place in the Gold Coast. Now why is it LP builders are holding an event in the GC?

On the same night, break out the sequins, glitter and cummerbunds – maybe not all together – for the The Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate’s Ninth Annual Real Estate Gala. If it has gala in the title, then it’s time to whip out the fancy duds. If you need help, just ask Lauren Mitrick of Jameson since she is apparently the best dressed agent in all the land.

Speaking of awards, I know you’ve been dying for the scoop on the Agents’ Choice Awards Event on Nov. 3 at Aquae Sulis and its warm toilet seats. So many things I want to say! But I don’t want to get fired. I do think next year we should have a Best Hair award, which Matt Dollinger will win easily. Did anyone notice how young some of those rookies nominees looked? We asked the bartender to check ID just in case. Speaking of the beverages, one lender gave the bartender an earful for closing down the bar for 10 minutes during the awards announcements. Which is funny because it seemed like this person had plenty to drink throughout the night. Millie Rosenbloom took home the MVP award, but word is she really wanted to be nominated in the Best Dressed category. With the way all the ladies were drooling over her shoes it is sort of a surprise. Next year, Belgravia will be a shoe-in for the Erica Kane Award, or perhaps CA can create an honorary award ala Peter O’Toole, who was nominated for an Oscar eight times and never won.

I heard some attendees headed to Cortland Garage after the event, and for the record, David Wolf does not own a part of the bar. Jameson and @ kept to their respective corners at first, but in the end everyone came together. If you want to supply some juicy gossip, go ahead and visit ChicagoAgentMagazine.com and post your comments, identifying yourself isn’t necessary.

Birthdays! Mike Dote will enjoy being doted on during his Nov. 6 bday, Jim Roth and Neena Vlamis will get jiggy on Nov. 9 (not together of course!) and Alexander Chaparro will celebrate good times on Nov. 12. Craig Hogan narrowly misses Friday on his Nov. 13 birthday, and I hope Alan Lev was honored just to be nominated and enjoys turning the big 5-0 on Nov. 14. David Lehman, who might be a Lehman brother but not the one you’re thinking of, will celebrate on Nov. 15.

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