Being Nice Matters

by Chicago Agent

By Sari Levy

Luckily enough, I learned early in life that the more you give the more you get. Now before you think that I am talking about material things, let me explain. A smile or a few kind words are a gift. Doing the unexpected is a tremendous gift. As real estate professionals, we have the opportunity to touch a great number of people each day from clients, mortgage professionals, assistants, inspectors, lawyers to each other.

Why not treat each of those experiences as a gift?

There are a bunch of folks out there that don’t get it though. Have you encountered one of them? Recently, I encountered someone who seemed to have the exact opposite approach, be as mean and lazy as possible and don’t do anything beyond the scope of your “job.” Admittedly, it was a fight not to return the proverbial vinegar, but I restrained. Kill them with kindness is a terrific philosophy to live by.

Imagine what a day would be like if every person you encountered smiled at you. Try it, go out and try to make 5 people smile right now!

Sari Levy is the managing broker of Lucid Realty.

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  • Steph Curtis says:

    Well if I know you, you will find the greatest deal that is out there. I will come to you if I ever want to buy or sell a home. Thanks for posting this.

  • Di Helland says:

    So true and it would be a wonderful world if we did treat each other with kindness!! I will try it even though it will be tough but it will be a challange! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  • Debbie Maue says:

    A class act and true professional. Something even the best of us struggle with. Thanks Sari!

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