I’ll Give You a Secret

by Chicago Agent

I had a whole bunch of really clever headlines for my column this week, and all were vetoed. The one you see at the top right now is the only one that my editor decided would not be offensive. You know what’s offensive? Reading about sports in every single editors letter. When will she understand no one cares?

Anyway, there is one really important secret to becoming a top producer, and it is locked in my secret vault of knowledge. If you are really nice and e-mail me about how much you enjoy my column, I might be so kind as to share. For now, the gossip calls.

Sho-Deen has recently upped their co-op for Mill Creek to 4 percent, so get out there and get your clients into Mill Creek because it’s just as good for you as it is for them.

The developer of Bucktown’s Baer Lofts has decided to take three of the four unsold units off the market, leaving just one two-bedroom home for sale. The other three will be for rent. They’re hoping that since the building didn’t receive FHA approval as a whole, that the one unit will be able to get a single approval since the building is more than half sold. I’m hoping to win the lottery tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

RDM Development has handed over sales of Trio to Jameson Real Estate. The project formerly belonged to Coldwell Banker’s Matt Garrison Group. John Mahoney will now be the sales manager on the project, I wonder if he is related to that guy who was on “Frasier.”

Pulte Homes offered a “Leap Day” deal for all buyers who signed contracts between Feb. 28 and March 2 for up to $6,500 of their closing costs waived, and the buyers will not have to make a payment for four months. Pulte is also offering a $500 coupon through their Web site. Participants need to be in Pulte’s rewards program and finance through their mortgage company. Mention Agent X when you see Pulte at our Spring New Construction Collection on March 31 and see if they’ll extend that Leap Year deal!

American Street Mortgage and Winthrop Club Condominiums sponsored an awesome event with CA to recognize some of the top producers in the Chicogland area. Sadly, I was unable to attend because I was vacationing in Tahiti, though I did hear from one of my completely unbiased sources that it was one of the best events ever.

Jameson held a grand opening/we’re-so-happy-we’re-closing-April-1 party at CITTA’s Mondial in the West Loop on Feb. 26. The food and cocktails were tasty as always, and furnished models are now available at Mondial if you want to take a gander.

Lexington Homes opened up Lexington Square to Chicagoland brokers on Feb. 24 for a lunch, tours of the models and White Sox tickets. Quite a few brokers from the north side of the city made the trip down into Sox country. I’ve been informed that 10 out of the 39 homes have been built.

Feb. 25 is apparently a big day for birthdays, because Joanna McWilliams, Lauren Fox, Nicole Postas and Dale Lubotsky all celebrated. Bruce Huntington is all alone on my list on Feb. 26, but maybe he celebrated with Jim Kinney on Feb. 27 or Melinda Jakovich on Feb. 28. Bonnie Kenney, Maureen Tighe, Vince Keller and Nahrain Micahels all have birthdays on March 1, while Toni Henricks and Faye Pantazelos have to wait until March 2. The very next day, C. Gordon Moose and Tony Guggino have birthdays on March 3. Former cover model Elana Spector will finally turn 21 on March 5, and thanks again for helping those issues fly off the racks with that great dress.

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