Worth the Effort

by Chicago Agent

I have to be honest, our Who’s Who issue is one of the most difficult to compile. Each year, the entire Chicago Agent staff works together tirelessly to create flattering photographs matched with compelling paragraphs to capture the essence of the Chicagoland real estate elite. However, the end result is always well worth the effort.

As always, our Who’s Who issue is a full-color masterpiece full of exciting players in the industry that everyone should know. Things are certainly picking up in the Chicagoland real estate world, but I don’t think anyone is ready to announce a full recovery. Almost everyone felt the pinch over the last couple of years, but the folks in this issue are the ones that emerged unscathed and are ready to move forward into the next chapter of their lengthy and successful careers.

In addition to getting to know the biographies of the people inside this issue, I also had the privilege of meeting many of them in person at our numerous photo shoots. Putting faces and voices to names is always a great thing, but adding a personality to the mix is remarkable. The confidence these people exude and their knowledge of the industry is invaluable, so if you’re at an event or party and you see them across the room, don’t be afraid to go over and say “hi.” As you can see from the outtake photos below, the shoots are also a lot of fun.

From industry veterans to Realtors who just got their license in 2010, we’re all in the same boat, and thus should help each other out in any way that we can. If you see other Realtors as nothing but competition that should be avoided, then you’re doing something wrong.

In much the same way that our Who’s Who issue is worth the blood, sweat and tears, so are the successes of those that have made it into the issue. Their status did not come overnight, and instead took time, energy and work. Not many things in life come free, and just as few come easy. Take a lesson from our Who’s Who candidates, and from our issue as well: put forth the effort, and success will follow.

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